the birth of Silkzees

the truth is, being a first-time parent is like trying to fold a fitted sheet… no one really knows how.

our philosophy

simulated from mother nature we aim to bring a touch of luxury to your little one's nest.

As a new parent, you stumble through, put bits and pieces together and just try to figure it out along the way. You analyze, research and document every nook and cranny of our newborn on a daily basis, then, start to panic even if the slightest hair, scratch, or noise seems out of the ordinary. Sound familiar?

This very common new-mama feeling was a constant for Silkzees founder, Jovana. About a month after becoming a first-time mother to her baby girl, she started noticing a growing bald spot and rash on the back of her daughter’s head. She naturally felt concerned, what parent wouldn’t?

After ample research, she learned that the symptoms her baby was experiencing were due to harsh friction from her baby’s existing cotton bedding. As most parents know, back sleeping is safest for babies according to the SIDS sleep guidelines, so without compromising safety for vanity, Jovana decided to create the Silkzees Fitted Bassinet Solution.

Jo’s goal with Silkzees was to make a sheet that was ultra-comfortable and safe, while being picture perfect, because let’s face it - we know you’re all constantly staring at your beautiful babies while they’re snoozing and taking photo after photo. So, we put all of our energy into personally testing and improving each prototype to accomplish the ultimate goal of function and design.
Better sleep for baby means more sleep for you, right?

After numerous product and packaging samples, countless hours of research and emails, together with a team of passionate collaborators, the long awaited Silkzees Designer Bassinet Solution was born in May 2021, and it’s better than we ever dreamed.

We are so thrilled about the birth of this product, and so proud to see Silkzees in your homes, bassinets and nurseries!

Our hope is that the Silkzees fitted sheet, unlike the others, makes new parent life a bit easier, and a lot more beautiful.

Thank you for letting us be part of your precious sleep routine and for allowing us to help you, and your little ones catch some zees!

our mission

to become the symbol of an enjoyable and safe sleep environment through our quality materials, comfortable design, and perfectly fitting products.

our vision

delight babies with superbly gentle & luxurious bedding that pampers their skin and delivers a comfortable, safe, and soothing experience.