welcome to the world of Silkzees!

June 15, 2021

welcome to the world of Silkzees

an essential luxury for your newborn.

the birth of the first Silkzees product & brand.

If you’ve made it this far on the website, it means you are just excited as us about the launch of Silkzees, and want to know more about what our Luxury Sleep Bedding can do for your little one.

I’ll also go on a whim and assume that you’re about to be a first-time mom (FTM), and you want ALL the best things for your little bub. I feel you! Because I was the exact same!

If you’re a seasoned parent, then you know that your baby will most likely experience cradle cap, bald spots, and potentially head rashes caused from friction of sleeping on their backs on cotton bedding.

However don't fret, all of this CAN be prevented with our Bassinet Solution! It is for babies 0-6 months old, whose skin and hair are at their most fragile state during that period.

I created the Bassinet Solution after noticing that about a month after the birth of my daughter, she started developing a bald spot right in the centre of the back of her head, as well as cradle cap from all of her natural oils being stripped by harsh cotton sheets. Then I started seeing other babies in the same predicament. I became obsessed, and wanted to know how I could solve this. I mean, it's not dangerous, but it's also not pretty or comfortable.

I soon realized that a silk bassinet sheet made so much sense, it was right under my nose! Silk was the clear choice as it had so many amazing natural properties. This whole situation could have been prevented if she had been sleeping on silk from the beginning. After searching for a Grade 6A, 25 momme silk bassinet sheet (only the best for my girl), I was very disappointed with the options on the market. Well, there were none. I wanted the quality & the look to be on par. So, I decided to develop my own! After rigorous testing and many prototypes, the Silkzees bassinet solution was perfected. I mean it.. it's literally beautiful and it works!

This is a game-changer and an essential item for your baby’s bassinet. Not only does the polished and gentle silk make for the most adorable pictures, but silk will keep your baby’s skin and hair hydrated, with the potential to reduce infant hair loss by as much as 40%. In addition, silk is a temperature regulating fabric meaning it naturally adjusts to accommodate to your baby’s body temperature. They will not overheat in the Summer or get cold in the Winter.

I truly felt that a bassinet sheet of this quality and durability was missing in the marketplace. I designed the base of the sheet where your baby’s body will lay, to be double quilted and padded organic cotton for the ultimate comfort.

I am SO excited to bring you along on the journey we have ahead! Get it monogrammed or buy it as is, Silkzees will be a gentle touch on your baby's skin when you're not there to comfort them.

You can secure your own Bassinet Solution starting June 18th, 2021 for limited quantities of DROP 1.

you either have to be the first, the best, or different.

- Loretta Lynn

written by Jo, founder of Silkzees

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