get rid of cradle cap in a few easy steps

September 21, 2021

get rid of cradle cap in a few easy steps

Despite knowing that cradle cap wasn’t dangerous for my little one, and was just “part of being a baby”, I was still determined to get rid of it.

There are different degrees of cradle cap that your baby can have from mild flaking to severe chunks, and even bleeding of the scalp. I would say Gabriella’s started off on the mild side where it was mostly on the crown of the head, and some days were worse than others.

I tried a variety of shampoos and google suggestions, but here’s what ultimately succeeded in getting Gabriella a 100% flake free hair within a day or two!

What you’ll need:

Lolo Olive Oil Infused Shampoo

Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Oil

Scalp Scrubby Brush

Silkzees Bassinet Solution (to prevent from coming back)

Step 1: Morning(you’ll only have to do this step once)
put about 5 drops of Burt’s Bees Baby oil in your palm and using your free hand dip the balls of your fingers into the oil to gently rub it into baby’s scalp. Massage it in for a few minutes and let sit for as long as possible. I waited almost 6 hours. 

Tip: Put a cloth down on your nursing pillow to avoid getting oil on it, and do this while baby is feeding because they tend to her very still

Step 2: Bath time
Massage in a couple of pumps of Lolo olive oil infused shampoo on the scalp then use the soft bristle brush against the direction of the flakes to peel them off

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat
It’s important to always rinse the scalp very well after each bath. Once you have rinsed it, mix a few Burt’s Bees oil drops with a pump of shampoo and again rub it into the hair. Use the bristle brush to gently scrub the scalp in a circular motion.

Step 4: Rinse
If you want to take it a step further her the Lolo olive oil infused conditioner (but not necessary).
You will notice an immediate decrease of the cradle cap after the first wash.

For Upkeep :
Continue adding a few drops of Burt’s Bees baby oil to the shampoo, and always use the bristle brush!
The first 2.5 months I washed Gabi’s hair every night, then switched to every other day.
In my opinion, the combination of this shampoo, brush and oil are what ultimately worked. I’ve tried other shampoos and just using olive oil, however it didn’t do anything but make her hair greasy and the flakes were still there.

Tip: Get a water softener. The harsh water in your home could be creating the dry skin.

Finally, lay your baby's gentle head to rest on the Silkzees Bassinet Solution for the ultimate cozy slumber.

Hope this helps!  

written by Jo, founder of Silkzees

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